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Howren Music serving Charlotte NC musicians since 1950
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Why get your instrument from Howren Music?


We have in business since 1950!  That is 70 years!  I mean, Truman was President when we opened our doors! 

  • We have provided excellent, one-on-one customer service over all those years to that a large chain store simply cannot offer or match.  We genuinely care about your child succeeding with their chosen instrument. 
  • Our rental and purchase plans have been refined over the years to offer families options that fit their budgets and factor in that we dealing with middle schoolers that are not always quite sure of their commitment levels to band and their chosen instrument!
  • We let you choose your instrument type.  Some people insist on a new instrument, some people want one that is already well pre-loved, some want a happy medium.  We give you options to get what fits your personal preferences and family budget.  Large chains give you what you get, could be new, could be over the hill, same price either way.
  • Your Band Director trusts us.  We are invited to service their band program and support the school, teachers, students and parents.  It is a great privilege for us and we take it seriously.  We have an Educational Representative that visits your child's school on a regular rotation, often weekly.  We help the teacher take care of the instruments and assist with small repairs or problems on site when possible.  We can deliver any needed supplies for your student during our visits to the band room.
  • We only provide instruments that are approved by your band director.  Let's face it, this is an investment.  On the surface it looks like a better idea to get something cheap from the internet and see how things go.  We get it, we are parents too!  The problem is that by doing that you are denying giving your child a fair chance to become a musician.  Cheap instruments rarely stay in tune.  This will frustrate the child (and teacher) to the point that the child will choose not to continue due to a perceived inability to play in tune, when it is really just the quality of the instrument they are playing.  Unfortunately, this is not an area of life that going cheap on ever pays off.   That is why we provide a quality beginner instrument that gives your child a fighting chance for a low monthly rent and options for the future. 
  • No Fake Outs.  Let's face it, in the social media era, flashing advertisements with great deals bombard us daily.  When we dig a little deeper, is it always as good as it looks on the surface?  We give you honest numbers and an honest rental or purchase plan for what you are getting.  Overly cheap rentals or intro specials only delay the possibility of actually owning the instrument one day.  Our rates are fair and provide a path to ownership if that is your goal for the future.  We offer discounted payoffs to help along the way.  You always have the opportunity to return it and walk away from it if it is not working out, but surprisingly, most families stick with the instrument and eventually pay it off or step up to a more advance instrument (with the help of rental credit!)
  • Easy Peasy!  When you are ready, or if you have further questions, guess what!  You can call and someone nice will answer and walk you through next steps or remaining questions.  We will also respond quickly to emails, texts or voicemails!  Try that with a large, nationwide retailer.
  • Our website offers  online rentals.  This is for the Rent-to-Own program only, which is 99% of all rentals we do!   We will not ask for your debit/credit card information online because we are serious about protecting your personal information.  We will call you to answer any further questions you may have and get your card number where it will be entered into our system and immediately encrypted.   You get a personal touch and peace of mind that your card number is secure with us.  It is an extra step but we think it is worth it!

We look forward to being part of your child's musical journey.  Thank you for letting our family serve your family.    

Just the Facts....


The big 4:  Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone  Also: Percussion, Violin, Viola   Special: Alto Sax, Cello

Grades:  All play like BRAND NEW!

  • New (Fresh out of the box)
  • Previously Rented (been rented once or twice)
  • Used (been rented multiple times, shows cosmetic wear)

Standard Instruments Rental Rates Plan A:  Sax and Cello pricing is different! Not all instruments available in all grades.  Sample pricing only. Call for pricing for Plans B,C & D

$37/mo for New

$34 /mo Previously Rented

$28/mo for Used


Uh-oh Coverage (AKA Maintenance & Replacement Coverage)

Consider this.... middle schoolers and moving parts.... one trip to the shop starts at $65!  Some instruments have 100 moving parts, so this coverage is the best way to protect yourself against repair costs!

M&R covers repairs to keep the instrument in playing condition as well as loss by fire, burglary (forced breaking & entering).  With this coverage, the instrument will be repaired to playing condition or replaced at no cost to you. 

Only $6.00 per month

($7 for Sax)

2 Rental Plans:

Plan A

Plan A: Rent-to-Own

  • Our most popular plan for beginners
  • Rent an instrument on a monthly basis
  • All rental payments apply towards purchase
  • Return at anytime without further obligation
  • Early discounted payoffs

Plan B

Plan B:12 Buy with Safety Net

  • Instrument Price + tax, divided by 12= monthly payment
  • Own the instrument in 12 payments with no rental charges
  • Buy-back option in the first 12 months (minus standard rental rate)

2 Purchase Plans:

Plan C

Plan C: Purchase w/ Safety Net

  • 20% Discount on Instrument purchase
  • Return instrument within 12 months for a full refund (minus the standard rental rate)

Plan D

Plan D: Purchase

  • Deeper discount off the price of an instrument for a one time payment
  • No Buy-Back option
  • Cheapest Option
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    Howren Music operates in the Charlotte, NC area. We are in our 65th year!

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