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Summer Break...Now What?


If your child is continuing in band or orchestra next school year:

If school is ending for the summer and your child will be continuing in band in the fall it is best to KEEP YOUR INSTRUMENT over the summer...and make them practice too!  If you turn the instrument in and re-rent another instrument in the fall you will lose the investment (payments) you have already paid in and will have to start over with another instrument.  Since this is a rent to own program, your payments go toward eventual ownership of the instrument.  Turning it in and renting another one in the fall will just restart the payments toward ownership back to the beginning. 


If your child is not continuing in band or orchestra next school year:

If your child will not be continuing in band next year, please know we are very sad to hear this!  If we can't change your mind about discontinuing music education then you can do one of the following:


A) Make sure all pieces to instrument are in the case and all personal belongings are removed. If you are not sure what needs to be returned please check here: Instrument Return Checklist


B)  Bring the instrument back to one of our stores to return it and end the rental agreement.   Everything it went out with must be returned with it.  If there are parts missing you will be charged accordingly.  Our staff will inspect the condition of the instrument, confirm all parts are included and check to make sure there is not a balance due on your account.  Once all this is confirmed they will issue a receipt for the return which ends your rental with Howren Music.


C)  Return to Band or Orchestra Director AFTER CALLING 704-525-5073 TO CONFIRM THIS OPTION IS AVAILABE FOR YOUR SCHOOL.

This option is not available for all of our customers and schools.  While it seems like the easier option, please be aware charges will not stop until the return is DOUBLE CONFIRMED: first confirmation from you, second confirmation from the teacher.  We make notes on the account when  each confirmation occurs.  Without double confirmation notes on the account, the monthly rental charges do not stop.

Your child must PHYSICALLY place the instrument into the teacher's hands.  Leaving the instrument in the office, band room or locker is not considered returning it and rental charges will continue.  We will not hunt down instruments not properly turned into the teacher.  Have your child ask the teacher to contact our office to confirm the return.

Please remember that the school and the teacher are not responsible for returning the instrument to us.  The rental agreement for the instrument is between the parent and Howren Music, not the school.

If there is a balance due on your account at the time of your return, you will be contacted by email and phone to set up payment or payment arrangements.  If after 30 days the debt is not paid in full, the account is turned over to our collection agency and additional charges will apply.

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