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Howren Music serving Charlotte NC musicians since 1950
Music Instruments For Sale Charlotte NC 28209
Music Instruments Rental Charlotte NC 28209
Howren Music Instrument Lessons Charlotte NC 28209
Music Instrument Repairs Gastonia 28052 Charlotte NC 28209
Howren Music Instrument Rentals Lessons Repairs Charlotte NC 28209
Howren Music Rental Instruments Charlotte NC 28209
Instrument Step Up Sales Charlotte NC 28209
  • Can I Rent-to-own an instrument?
    Yes, we offer very reasonable rent-to-own rates and big cash discounts for purchase.

  • What rental options do I have?
    You have two options: Plan A: Rent-to-own This is our most popular plan. Rent an instrument on a monthly basis, with all rent applying towards the purchase. You may return the instrument at any time without further obligation. Discounted payoff in the first 2 years. Plan B: Instrument price + tax, divided by 12 = your monthly payment! No rental fees. If you return the instrument within 12 months, a full refund, minus the standard rental rate, will be returned to you.

  • How long do I have to rent the instrument?
    One month at a time. You can return the instrument at any time without a penalty.

  • Can I get Maintenance & Replacement coverage?
    Yes, M&R protects your child's instrument if case of accidental damage, fire or burglary. Middle School students and moving parts are a recipe for REPAIR. We highly recommend it since the average cost of a repair is $65. M&R can not be added after the rental agreement has started.

  • Do I have to rent a new instrument?
    You have a choice of New, Previously rented and used instruments.

  • Can I apply my rent to a Intermediate instrument?
    YES! We allow 12 months of your rental payments to transfer to an Intermediate/ Step-up instrument and in most cases your payment stays the same.

  • How can I return an instrument?
    You can return it directly to any of our 2 locations. If your student attends one of our schools using our delivery service the instrument may be returned to the band director. Please call the office (704-525-5073) to see if your school is one before leaving it with the band director. Failure to do so may cause more rental charges as the instrument will not be considered returned.

  • I found a cheaper instrument online. Can I return my rental?
    Of course. Keep in mind that often cheaper instruments are just that. Chances are if it breaks it can not be repaired, and used instruments almost always need repairs to keep them playing correctly. The first few months are crucial for your child and an instrument that doesn't play well is a tremendous discouragement. Please ask your band director if the make and model you found is appropriate for band. An instrument repair technician can tell you what the instrument needs to play correctly.

  • How can I make a payment?
    We have several different options for you to easily make a payment. You can mail a check/money order or call any of our 2 locations. We can also set up your account on auto-draft with a credit/debit card or set us up with online bill pay through your bank. You can now pay online! Click on the "Make a Payment" box at the top of the Home page.

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    Howren Music
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    Howren Music operates in the Charlotte, NC area. We are in our 65th year!

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